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Julie Chrisley Reveals Feelings On Missing So Much

Julie Chrisley Reveals Feelings On Missing So Much

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Julie Chrisley recently revealed how she feels about missing so many important days. Julie has been in prison for almost 14 months. She is currently serving a six-year prison sentence. She and her husband Todd Chrisley are in prison for tax fraud. This has been a lot for her children, especially Savannah Chrisley. Savannah has had to take in her younger siblings Grayson and Chloe. She has also been fighting for her parents with the legal system.

Julie Chrisley Speaks Out On Anniversary

Todd and Julie Chrisley recently had their 27th wedding anniversary. Julie wrote a letter on this day.


“Day 129, happy anniversary, today is our 27th wedding anniversary, my marriage is something I’m so proud of. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been so worth it. This is the first anniversary Todd and I have spent apart. I know God is in every situation but man it’s difficult. What is he trying to teach us?”

This had to be hard for Julie as she has not got to speak to her husband since being arrested.

Todd and Julie Chrisley On His birthday 2022 - Instagram

She Is Missing So Much

Julie is missing out on a lot of important days that she cannot get back.


“I feel like I’ve experienced so many emotions in the past few months, I’ve survived [my husband] Todd‘s birthday, Mother’s Day, Gray’s birthday, Chase’s birthday, my anniversary and Father’s Day. That’s a lot of missed days that I can never get back. I can only pray that I don’t miss anymore,”

She also revealed that Grayson is busy with baseball and that she hates missing his games and being there for him. However, he is doing good, and she is supporting him from afar. Fans feel bad for their children as they did not do anything wrong and are having to survive without either of their parents. However, the older siblings are trying their best to be parental roles in their lives.

Reality TV alums Savannah, Julie, Todd Chrisley in happier days - Savannah - Instagram

This seems to be extremely hard on Julie as she just wants to be home with her husband and children. Since she is in prison as well, she has not gotten to speak to her husband since they were locked up. However, Savannah recently revealed she is hoping they will be home this summer. It is unknown if this is a true possibility or if she just wants that. How do you feel about Julie missing so much? Sound off in the comments below.




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