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Chrisley Appeal Hearing Delayed: Todd & Julie NOT Happy

Chrisley Appeal Hearing Delayed: Todd & Julie NOT Happy

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Bad news for Chrisley Knows Best fans — Todd and Julie’s appeal hearing has been delayed. Unsurprisingly, per their attorney, Todd and Julie Chrisley are NOT happy about the appeal. The entire family, however, remains hopeful they will be out of the slammer and back home soon.

Has any information been released about why their appeal hearing was delayed been released? Furthermore, what did Todd and Julie’s lawyer have to say about the delay? Keep reading for the details.

Chrisley Appeal Hearing Delayed: Todd & Julie NOT Happy

According to Radar Online, Todd and Julie Chrisley will have at least another month behind bars longer than they were hoping for. Their lawyer, Jay Surgent, confirmed their appeal hearing got delayed by a month. Originally scheduled to happen in March, the hearing has now been pushed back to April 15, 2024.

Jay Surgent proceeded to tell that outlet that his clients were understandably NOT happy about the situation. The family, however, remained hopeful that the appeal hearing was a move in the right direction. And, they still fully believed Todd and Julie Chrisley would be back home soon.

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Presently, the entire Chrisley family remains hopeful the judge is giving “full consideration” to completely reversing the sentence and allowing Todd and Julie to go home.

What Will Christmas Look Like?

Jay Surgent also dished on what Christmas will look like for the Chrisley family. Todd and Julie’s children do have plans to visit each parent during the holidays. Furthermore, he affirms they are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their parents even if they have to do it “in an institution.”

As far as Christmas Day goes, Savannah Chrisley will have Chloe, Grayson, and the rest of the family over at her house. And, she plans to do what she can to make the day special for her siblings despite their parents being behind bars.

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Jay Surgent also shut down rumors swirling that Nanny Faye was dead by confirming she would also be at Savannah’s to celebrate Christmas.

The family attorney affirmed that Savannah and the rest of Todd and Julie’s Chrisley are understandably sad as the holidays roll in. They, however, are clinging to their faith and hope that Todd and Julie WILL be home soon.

What Are Fans Thinking?

On Reddit, fans think Todd and Julie Chrisley’s family is a bit delusional to think they are magically going to come home next year when they are just reaching their first year behind bars. Not all fans are against the family, though. More supportive fans on Facebook and Instagram join Savannah and her siblings in hoping the family comes home soon.

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Are you bummed that Todd and Julie Chrisley’s appeal hearing got delayed? Do you understand why the Chrisley Knows Best stars would not be happy about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And, return to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on the Chrisley family.

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