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Surprise Announcement: Todd and Julie Chrisley Set for Early Prison Release! ( For Full Information, Check Link In Comment👇🏻👇🏻)

Surprise Announcement: Todd and Julie Chrisley Set for Early Prison Release! ( For Full Information, Check Link In Comment👇🏻👇🏻)

Chrisley Knows Best: Julie’s Letters From Prison Revealed – Julie will betray Todd to get out of prison early – [HEARTBREAKING]

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Savannah always updates Chrisley Knows Best fans about her parents’ condition in prison. The star often talks about them on her podcasts. She has also been vocal about the prison treatment the authorities dole out on Todd and Julie.

But this time, Savannah had a very emotional update. She shared some letters that her mother, Julie, had written from prison. And they were truly tear-jerkers as the matriarch described her feelings pre and post-imprisonment.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares Julie’s Heartbreaking Letters From Prison

Julie and Todd have been in prison since January 2022. Fans saw them go to prison for tax fraud. They also know the Chrisley Knows Best stars are in two different prisons. Julie and Todd haven’t had any contact with each other for three months now. But that doesn’t mean Julie forgot about her husband or her family.

In her recent Unlocked podcast episode, Julie’s daughter Savannah shared something very emotional. Savannah shared Julie’s letters from prison, and they were surely a tear-jerker. The star had described her feelings of being separated from her husband. Savannah read some excerpts. In one excerpt, Julie talked about the night before the imprisonment.

Chrisley Knows Best

Julie wrote that she and Todd had “stood in” their “bedroom.” They said their prayers and goodbyes. After that, Todd departed to the Pensacola prison “with Savannah, Grayson and Nik.” The situation made Julie realize this would be her last “face-to-face” conversation with Todd. It was “sobering,” and Julie could not “wrap” her head around it. She was also upset at her separation from her children.

The Chrisley Knows Best star had also revealed that paparazzi were in a “white van” on the way to prison. Savannah then bid goodbye to her family and left for prison with just “the clothes” on her back. Julie also missed her husband a lot in prison. She was happy seeing her “kids, mom and dad,” but missed Todd, her “person.”

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Gets Emotional Reading Her Mother’s Letters

Julie’s letters truly broke the Chrisley Knows Best fans’ hearts. But Savannah was the one reading the letter, and she was very emotional about her mother’s condition. The star missed her parents, so this was very hard for her.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah had talked about her emotional state after reading the letters. The star compared her life before the entire incident. She had talked about how “different” things were “almost a year and a half” ago. And they are so different now.

The star also shared that she could “feel” her mother’s emotions “through these” letters. She has been very vocal about how much her parents have suffered. In fact, Savannah has often emphasized how her mother has suffered after her separation from the family. Julie has also been away from Todd, so things are very tough. It is also a very “different life now.” Fans were also emotional after the episode. They felt sorry for Julie. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the newest Chrisley Knows Best drama!

Savannah Chrisley - YouTube

Chrisley Knows Best was dumped and Savannah Chrisley went on a mission to get another family TV show. Recently, she talked about one that might involve Todd and Julie Chrisley. Eight months ago, she denied it might happen, so something changed since then. Read on to find out more.

Savannah Chrisley Denied A Documentary Was Happening

In July last year, a lot of rumors swirled that there might be a documentary about the family after Todd and Julie Chrisley went to prison. Well, their daughter seemed to firmly diss the idea. At the time, she said on social media that her family was definitely not involved in any documentary, noting that it would be “full of lies” if one came out.

Chrisley Knows Best Alums Todd and Julie Chrisley - Unlocked - YouTube

With Savannah Chrisley seeming to struggle to get anyone interested in her new family reality TV show, fans hoped that possibly they might get to see Todd and Julie on TV anyway. That is because their appeal for oral arguments against their conviction for fraud and tax-related offenses comes on April 19. However, their lawyers will probably fight to prevent it from being televised.

Todd & Julie Chrisley Documentary Confirmed?

After Chase Chrisley’s sister appeared on The Masked Singer, People caught up with her and she chatted about what she’s got planned for future projects. Fans of Chrisley Knows Best already know that she fights for prison reform. Additionally, they know that she hopes for her new reality TV show to find a home. During her interview, Todd’s daughter said:

I mean, there’s so many different things I’m working on…Right now, a documentary — not only about my parents’ case but the reform initiatives that I’m involved in and working with a lot of lobbyists and lawyers to testify in front of Congress on things that I have uncovered within our system.

Savannah Chrisley The Masked Singer - YouTube

Interestingly, it seems to be the first time that Savannah Chrisley confirmed that a documentary will happen. The twist with the Congress address indicates nothing will hold Todd and Julie’s daughter back. Recently, during a reveal on why she and Chadd Bryant are no longer besties, her producer, Erin Dugan quipped that Savannah might be in the “presidential race in 2028.”

What are your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley making a documentary about Todd and Julie Chrisley and other prison reform initiatives? Of course, it’s not clear if it will contain any new footage of Todd and Julie unless they get to go home early. Are you shocked that she’s working with lobbyists to testify before Congress? When she floats her family reality TV show to a platform, will you watch it? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.

Julie Chrisley’s Earliest Release Date Revealed

Under federal law, getting out super early for good behavior isn’t really an option for Julie Chrisley. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, federal law requires inmates to serve 85 percent of their sentence. After serving 85 percent of her sentence, Julie would be eligible to get out early for good behavior. This, however, was assuming she was considered to be a “model inmate” during her time behind bars.

As fans know, Julie Chrisley is currently serving a seven-year sentence behind bars at FMC Lexington, Kentucky. The facility she ended up at left fans scratching their heads as the website describes it as “an administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.”

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley to be sentenced Monday in tax evasion case

The family, however, insists there was no medical reason why Julie was assigned to this prison. Even their lawyer has said they don’t know why she was assigned to this particular facility as it wasn’t their decision nor did they give any input on it.

Some Chrisley Knows Best fans are wondering when 85 percent of Julie Chrisley’s sentence will be up. When will she be eligible to be considered for an early release? Fortunately, public records of her inmate details to confirm an early release date for Julie has been determined.

Earliest release date for Julie Chrisley revealed
Per public records, the earliest release date for Julie Chrisley is January 2nd, 2029. Doing the math, that is a little less than six years from now. So, if Julie is determined to be a perfect inmate, she could shave roughly a year off of her sentence for good behavior.

As fans know the Chrisley family is hoping to shave a lot more than a year off of her sentence as they continue to pursue an appeal.

Julie Chrisley's Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes: Chrisley Knows Best | Style & Living

To date, Todd and Julie Chrisley have maintained that they are innocent of the crimes they’ve been accused of. Per the federal judge, not owning up to their crimes and apologizing is part of the reason they landed 12 and 7 years behind bars. Admitting guilt, however, was a double-edged sword for the family as they intended to appeal their situation with the hopes of a retrial. If Todd and Julie had admitted guilt, they would have destroyed any chance at a retrial. So, they didn’t really have a choice but to let the judge throw the book at them.
Can you believe Julie Chrisley is going to do six years behind bars?


Todd Chrisley’s Earliest Release Date Revealed

Under federal law, getting a significant early release or a reduced sentence for good behavior is a bit of a pipe dream for Todd Chrisley. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, the disgraced reality TV star is in federal prison. Federal law requires him to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence.

Technically, this means there is an early release date option for Todd Chrisley. But, he will serve the majority of his 12-year sentence because federal law requires him to do so.

Still, Chrisley Knows Best fans can’t help but wonder: Is there an official early release date available for Todd Chrisley yet? How much is 85 percent of his sentencing and when could he get released?

Todd Chrisley/YouTube

Doing a bit of deep diving into public records on the reality TV star as an inmate at FPC Pensacola, fans were able to dig up the earliest release date possible for Todd Chrisley.

Earliest release date possible for Todd Chrisley revealed
Per public records, the earliest release date for good behavior for Todd Chrisley is April 7th, 2033. On Reddit, fans were in agreement it was a “wild” date to look at as it was a little over a decade from now. This means, at minimum, Todd is required to do 10 years and a few months of his 12-year sentence.

As Tv Shows Ace reported back in November, this slightly reduced sentence requires Todd to be a “model inmate.”

Todd, Julie Chrisley report to prison after reality TV couple found guilty on federal bank fraud, tax evasion | Fox News

They are still hoping to appeal their situation
Presently, Todd and Julie Chisley have their legal team working to appeal their current situation. As fans know, Todd and Julie never plead guilty or apologized for their crimes. To date, they insist they never committed what they’ve been accused of. Per the federal judge, it is the lack of guilt that resulted in such harsh sentences.

Because Todd and Julie intended to appeal the case, however, they were unable to admit their guilt or apologize for their crimes to get a reduced sentence. Any admittance of guilt would have torpedoed their plans to appeal.

Todd, Julie Chrisley to report to prison in January |

Fans of the Chrisley family are all over the place with their thoughts on this situation. But, most hope that justice ultimately gets served.

Can you believe Todd Chrisley’s early release date is a little over ten years from now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

Nanny Faye is a wonderful person, yet there are always people who hate her. They dropped dislikes when Nanny appeared on broadcast

It’s unfortunate that some people choose to spread negativity and hate towards others, especially someone as kind and wonderful as Nanny Faye. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own opinions and perspectives, but that doesn’t justify hate or disrespect towards others.

For those who were disappointed that Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley got canceled, there is new hope as Savannah reveals the family is in serious talks for a new reality series. It was during the most recent episode of her podcast (which featured both Chloe and Nanny Faye as special guests), that Savannah opened up about the possibility of the Chrisley family returning to reality TV.

Savannah Chrisley’s family in talks for new show

With the previous series being called Chrisley Knows Best, Todd was the king of the show and the family. And, the series was about the family with the underlying message that he knew best. With Todd behind bars, there is a whole Reddit community now that is called Chrisley Knows Prison. And, many fans admit they would LOVE to watch a series that features Todd and Julie Chrisley behind bars. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen.

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Julie chrisley

Savannah, Chloe, and Todd’s mother, however, think a series with Nanny Faye stepping up to be the new queen of the castle makes sense. The family even tossed around the idea of Nanny Knows Best as a potential name for the series.

This was when Savannah shifted gears with the conversation just slightly. She wanted to make sure her viewers knew they were not just shooting the breeze. Savannah Chrisley explained that she was very much in talks with a few different production companies about the possibility of moving forward with a new series.

Savannah Chrisley did ask her grandmother Nanny Faye what she thought about diving back into reality TV again. Nanny reassured her granddaughter she was ready to rock and roll.

Todd Chrisley’s daughter added that TONS of networks and production companies have been in contact with her because there is a huge interest in making something work.

Nanny Faye - Todd Chrisley Youtube

How do fans feel about the potential of a new series?

Unsurprisingly, this topic did make it over to the Reddit communities where fans shared their thoughts on a new Chrisley series. Is this something fans want to happen? Many fans admit that while they believe Todd and Julie should be behind bars if they really committed the crimes, they love watching the Chrisley family on television. A lot of fans describe it as a “guilty pleasure.”

Here’s some of what fans had to say about this news:

“I’ll be tuned in & don’t lie, y’all will be tuned in also.”
“Oh FFS – you get burned by the fire of fame and keep going back for more.”
“A show where she reads emails from Todd. Sounds interesting.”
While some fans admit they are looking forward to a new show featuring the family other fans believe it is just a rush to keep the family’s income flowing.

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