Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People: All The Charges Against Bear Brown Explained

Alaskan Bush People: All The Charges Against Bear Brown Explained

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People has found himself in trouble with the law after being arrested on an alleged domestic violence charge. The star of one of the best reality TV shows had been living near the family ranch with his wife and son. While not confirmed, Bear would likely continue to star in Alaskan Bush People season 15.

The last two years have been extremely hard for the Wolf Pack, as they lost their patriarch, Billy Brown, in February 2021. Before his death, the Browns also had to deal with their once-thriving ranch, as the Palmer Wildfires badly damaged the homestead. Bear has tried to move past the tragedies that have plagued his family. In January 2022, he revealed to fans that he had tied the knot with Raiven Brown, and the two were looking to move closer to the mountain. The news of a fight was shocking as it seemed they had worked through their issues.

What Happened With Bear Brown’s Assault Case?

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People
News broke that the self-proclaimed “king of extreme” was arrested on March 11, 2022, near his home. Amid much speculation, some facts have surfaced. Bear, whose real name is Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown, was arrested on Assault Fourth DV charges and brought to the Okanogan County Jail. He resides in Washington State, where the law defines fourth-degree assault as an attempted battery on another person, which must cause contact that a reasonable person would find offensive. To receive a fourth-degree assault charge for domestic violence in Washington, the victim must be part of a family household, implying Bear assaulted his wife, Raiven.


Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Took A Plea Deal

Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven and Bear Brown
The report also revealed that Bear tried to take Raiven’s phone away from her and “put her on the ground.” Raiven spoke with the officer, sharing that her husband was acting “crazy.” The argument occurred while the couple moved into a camping trailer between residences. According to Raiven, she moved between the two premises frequently. The report stated that Bear began to curse at his 23-year-old wife, asking her to leave the trailer. She shared that she needed to be at home “due to all their stuff being in there.” Raiven said that she did not feel comfortable letting Bear into the trailer. The document stated that Bear allegedly held Raiven down on the bed as he tried to take her phone.

The police officer on duty did not observe any marks, other than the scratch on Raiven’s finger, and noted that there weren’t any markings under her clothes. After being arrested, Bear spent the weekend in jail and was released without bond. According to police, via the report, the Alaskan Bush People star had no alcohol or drugs in his system and did not strangle or choke Raiven. Bear entered a plea deal in April 2022, and the family has been keeping a low profile since.

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