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Alaskan Bush People Fans Were Left Baffled Over Bird Brown’s Dirt Bath

Alaskan Bush People Fans Were Left Baffled Over Bird Brown's Dirt Bath

Bird Brown smiling

For an impressive 14 seasons, audiences have come to know – and have strong opinions about – the Brown family on Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush People.” Prior to the clan’s 2019 move to Washington, which came after the death of patriarch Billy and the cancer diagnosis of matriarch Ami, the family of nine lived off the grid in Alaska. Their isolated, frigid environment led the Browns to adopt some unique habits that are seen as shocking to outsiders.

Regarding Billy and Ami’s daughter Bird Brown, she’s oftentimes extremely relatable. When tasked with turning the chickens she raised, fed, named and bonded with into food, she becomes extremely distraught. Additionally, she fears for her life when forced to undergo emergency surgery to remove two tumors from her ovaries.


On the other hand, some “Alaskan Bush People” plotlines that involve Bird don’t quite resonate with the masses. A prime example is when she bites the head off not one, but multiple raw fish, which she believes will bring good luck to the family’s crabbing expedition. Her siblings are repulsed as they hear the bones cracking. And who could forget when it’s revealed that Bird’s shower is one big litter box for her cats (via The U.S. Sun)?

Now, Bird’s family and fans alike are questioning her habits once again due to her belief that a dirt bath is just as hygienic as using dry shampoo.

Fans found Bird Brown’s dry shampoo substitution to be bizarre

Bird Brown after dirt bath

During the 14th season of “Alaskan Bush People,” Bird Brown introduces viewers and her brother Noah to a “Bush style” method of hair cleansing. Rather than using dry shampoo -– a popular product that helps absorb oil in between wash days -– she covers her locks in dirt, which she says works the same way.


As Noah watches in shock and amusement, Bird kneels down, lays her hair flat, and scrubs as much dirt as possible onto her head. Noah informs her that there’s a bug caught in her hair, to which she replies, “Probably a couple. But look how luscious and full it looks.” Though Bird admits that the fullness doesn’t last long (“You have to keep doing it”), the dirt makes her feel alive. Afterward, Noah refuses to let his now-filthy sister into his truck.

Not surprisingly, fans had some strong opinions about Bird’s dry shampoo substitute. On Twitter, @LINDAJe73454145 said, “That is so bizarre.” @_1Lila_Blue asked, “Omg. Are you 27 or 5.” @CindyBr36630603 simply stated, “Gross why would you do that. It’s stupid.”

It doesn’t seem like “Alaskan Bush People” viewers will be trying Bird’s dirt bath anytime soon. But it’s highly likely that Bird, who has always marched to the beat of her own “Bush style” drum, doesn’t care. She also has bigger things to worry about than what the public thinks of her.

Despite having eight- and four-pound tumors removed (via In Touch), doctors say they could return and be cancerous next time. She must now decide if she wants to eliminate this risk with a hysterectomy, though this procedure would make it impossible for her to carry children.




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