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Bear Brown Makes It To The Big Time

Bear Brown Makes It To The Big Time

Bear Brown- Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star, Bear Brown is crazy about Batman villain, Joker, and now, he told Discovery fans that he made it to the big time with his cosplay fan-made movies. Raiven Adams’ husband has been at it since late last year, although he took a hiatus while he worked up on the ranch in Washington.

Bear Brown Made a Joker Cosplay Movie

Recently Ami’s son told his fans on social media that both Raiven and his son River would be upset with him. In fact, he hadn’t yet finished his latest project with the Joker so he needed to shave off his beard again. He’d run out of time to get the filming done for his project and Raiven doesn’t like him without his beard. However, he probably joked around as she previously supported him by promoting his cosplay competition.


ABP Fans didn’t all Get The Cosplay Joker Scenes By Bear Brown

When he started sharing photos of his Joker passion a lot of people who didn’t know the character wondered what he was up to. Some of it looked really dark and his followers thought that he was making independent horror movies. As he’d upped his social media game with Cameo and TikTok, they thought he probably struggled for cash. However, as time went by, they discovered what he was really up to. Nowadays, he gets a lot of support from Discovery fans.

By April this year, Alaskan Bush People fans understood that Bear Brown entered a cosplay competition associated with a children’s charity competition. Voting time became tight and he urged his followers to back him for the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s fundraiser. If you don’t know, the organization focuses on very sick kids and the money helps to support thousands of children in healthcare facilities stateside. Now, his efforts took him to the Big Time.

Making It To The Big Time

This weekend, the ABP star took to his Instagram and shared a photo of himself all dressed up with amazing makeup. Proudly, he wrote, “The Joker is back! Be sure to check out the November issue of Star magazine to see my unique Joker pics you, won’t see anywhere else! Photos by Bam!”

Fans like that Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown also supported his brother with his Joker efforts. In the comments, one of them wrote, “Bam’s a great photographer. Looking forward to seeing the spread.”

Of course, those fans who don’t live in the USA hoped that in time, he shares them on his social media.

Discovery Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Joker Cosplay Makes Big Time Instagram (1)

Perhaps, until the photos officially emerge in the Star, Bear Brown might not be able to share all of them. However, it gives ABP fans something to look forward to. A follower commented, “Great picture. I can’t wait to see the other pictures yall got. Great job Bam.”

Updates On TikTok

In recent days, the Discovery Channel star shared several updates about his project. In one of them on TikTop, Bear Brown posted about how he got back from finalizing everything. Plus, he shouted out Bam Bam again.

Are you keen to see the final photos? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for more news about Alaskan Bush People.


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