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Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Son Grayson Believes Their Time in Prison is ‘Worst Than Them D***ʏɪɴɢ’

Todd and Julie Chrisley's Son Grayson Believes Their Time in Prison is 'Worst Than Them D***ʏɪɴɢ'

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s youngest son revealed how he feels about his parents serving time in prison. Grayson, 17, told his sister, Savannah, 25, that the Chrisley Knows Best duo’s time behind bars is worse than if they were dead, has learned.

“To me, it’s worse than them dying,” Grayson said during the June 6 episode of Savannah’s Unlocked podcast. “Because they’re here, but they’re not here. So, it’s just time that’s being wasted. I’m saying, like, if they died, there’s no possibility of you getting any more time with them. So, it’s over.”+

grayson chrisley todd julie prison sentence worse than dying


The two continued to discuss their parents’ sentences, agreeing that their family was “forced to have closure.”

“You know that no time is being wasted,” Grayson continued. “But now, they’re here but they’re not here.”

grayson chrisley todd julie prison sentence worse than dying

Savannah — who took over the responsibilities as guardian of Grayson and her niece, Chloé, 10 — asked her teen brother if he could see it from a different perspective considering “they’re still here for you to hug and say, ‘I love you.'”


“I mean, yeah, but I get to do all that within a time limit,” he responded.

Grayson and Savannah revealed they try to visit their parents as often as possible — but Todd is serving 12 years in Florida while Julie is spending her 7-year sentence in Kentucky.

“It’s not that I don’t want to go,” Grayson told his sister. “But I’m also 17.”

julie chrisley prison uniform clothing rules

Todd and Julie’s youngest son also told Savannah’s followers that his parents have told him to “live your life” while they are away, but he feels guilty doing so.


“You know they understand,” Grayson stated. “But it’s like, you still feel bad.”

The Chrisley Knows Best stars checked into separate prisons on January 17 after being convicted of defrauding banks out of $30 million and committing tax fraud in June 2022.

Despite being hundreds of miles from each other, Todd and Julie can still communicate behind bars.

todd chrisley prison christmas menu told you first — the married couple can write letters, send emails, and possibly mail each other packages behind bars… with their wardens’ approvals.

They also have plenty of time to chat with their children on the phone — as long as they stay on the staff’s good side.

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