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Savannah Chrisley’s Friend Chadd Seeks Prayers For Niece

Savannah Chrisley’s Friend Chadd Seeks Prayers For Niece

Chadd Bryant - Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Savannah Chrisley’s friend, Chadd Bryant, took to his Instagram profile a few days ago to seek prayers from his 26.2K followers for his niece, Jada. His post included two photos of a gorgeous, young blonde girl with a huge smile on her face. Savannah’s friend explained that he strongly believes in “the power of prayer.”

Is something wrong with Chadd’s niece? Why does she need prayers?

Savannah Chrisley’s Friend Chadd Asks For Prayers For Niece

Savannah Chrisley’s friend Chadd explained to his followers that he believes in “the power of prayer” and he was hoping that the power of prayer would help his “beautiful and sweet niece” named Jada. Turns out, his niece had major surgery on her back recently. He reassured his followers that the surgery was a success and she was in the process of recovering, he just wanted some prayers to lift her up during her recovery process.

I just wanted to ask for prayer for her recovery, for the pain to be minimum, for her body to heal and be strong, and for everyone around her taking care of her to be lifted up. Thank You in advanced for the prayers. God is good. I Love You, Jada Bug!

Now, the post is from a few days ago. Unfortunately, Chadd hasn’t posted any updates on how his niece is doing. Likewise, it has been about a week since the last time she posted on her own Instagram profile.

Chrisley Fans Rush To Support His Niece

In the comments, Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley were quick to give Chadd the prayers he asked for. Fans were a little surprised when they didn’t find Savannah Chrisley in the comments of his post with prayers as well. While he doesn’t have a very big following, those who do follow him poured into the comments to offer recovery prayers to his sweet niece during this difficult time. Here’s some of what they had to say in the comments:

“Prayers for healing.”
“Sending love and prayers to @jada_bryant08 and to your amazing family I love y’all so much ! Speedy recovery sweet.”
“I add my faith with yours @chaddlife and in the name of Jesus she is healed and made whole. Amen.”

As fans know, Chadd is a dear friend to Savannah and very close to the Chrisley family. Chadd has constantly stepped up to help Savannah take care of Chloe while her parents are behind bars. So, Chrisley fans love Chadd and were more than happy to pray for him.


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