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Emmy Medders Makes HUGE Change Amid Split Rumors

Emmy Medders Makes HUGE Change Amid Split Rumors

Emmy Medders has made a shocking change amid rumors she and Chase Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley have split up. Turns out, Emmy surprisingly decided to part ways with her tattoos.

As those who follow her on social media know, she has two small tattoos located on her finger and her wrist. On Monday, she took to her Instagram Stories to not only reveal her decision to remove them, but to share the process and explain why she arrived at this decision.

Why has Emmy Medders decided to let go of her tattoos? Keep reading for the details.


Emmy Medders [Source: Instagram]

Emmy Medders Makes HUGE Change Amid Split Rumors

Emmy Medders kicked off the week by taking to her Instagram Stories and revealing she decided to get her tattoos removed. Expecting the worst, Emmy admitted the process didn’t hurt nearly as bad as she thought it was going to.

“I only have two small tattoos I want removed (the only two I’ve ever had lol) but I’m soooo happy to be getting them removed!”

Emmy took a trip to Gentle Giant Care located in Atlanta to go through the removal process. With the use of lasers, technicians were able to remove the two small tattoos. The technicians told Emmy Medders she would have to come back three or four more times to get the tattoos removed completely.


Emmy Medders [Source: YouTube]

She shared several photos and videos giving her followers a front-row seat to what the process looked like. She also added another update answering the one question everyone was asking her: Why did she decide to get the tattoos removed?
Emmy Medders revealed she was just 21 when she decided to get the tattoos. One of the tattoos was of her initials and her brother’s initials and the other was a cross. At the time, Emmy believed she was doing something “super special.” She, however, was not happy with the end product and found herself trying to wear jewelry to hide the tattoos.

Emmy added that she still thought the idea was “super cute.” But, she’s reached a point in her life where she just doesn’t want the ink on her body anymore.

Anticipating people would read too much into the situation, Emmy made it clear there was no big secret reason why she opted for tattoo removal.

“Y’all there is no reason I’m getting these removed other than the fact that I’m just not a tattoo girly. I love them on other people just not on me. That’s all.”


On Reddit, fans thought the timing of her tattoo removal was a bit strange given the rumors she and Chase split up.

Emmy Medders - Instagram Stories

Did you know Emmy Medders had tattoos on her wrist and finger? Do you agree with fans noting the timing of her tattoo removal is a bit strange considering how it lines up with rumors swirling that she and Chase are no longer together? Moreover, do you understand/agree with why she decided to get the ink removed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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