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What Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen Really Thinks Of Mandy’s Husband Clark

What Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen Really Thinks Of Mandy's Husband Clark

Sig Hansen smiling

In the “Deadliest Catch” Season 13 episode “Hail Mary, Full of Crab,” deckhand Clark Pederson asked Captain Sig Hansen for permission to marry his step-daughter, Mandy Hansen. And if you think Sig Hansen isn’t the kind of father to be heavily protective of his daughter, then you’ve clearly never seen the show. Sig is surprised as he didn’t know that Pederson’s relationship with his daughter had progressed that far. Pederson later told the magazine of his alma mater, Washington State University, that asking for Sig Hansen’s daughter’s hand in marriage was certainly scary, but it wasn’t the scariest thing he’d ever experienced on a crab fishing boat. Apparently, there was at least one storm that scared Pederson even more than his girlfriend’s father.

Mandy Hansen went on to marry Pederson, and gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Sailor, on November 10, 2021. In an interview with People, Mandy explained why they chose the name. “We wanted something that reflects our family’s Scandinavian heritage as well as our lifestyle and profession,” she told the outlet shortly after giving birth. “With my husband and I both working on the Bering Sea of Alaska as commercial crab fishermen, naming our daughter Sailor Marie is a perfect fit.”


So what does Sig Hansen think of Pederson, who went from deckhand to the captain’s son-in-law?

Sig thinks he’s respectful and sincere

Mandy and Sig Hansen

It took an entire episode for Sig Hansen to decide if he was going to give Clark Pederson his blessing or not, but of course, he eventually did. In the episode where he makes up his mind, called “Poisoned at Sea,” Hansen explains what he thinks of the man asking to marry his daughter. “My wife thinks the world of him,” Sig admits. “So do I. He’s very respectful and he’s sincere, you can tell.” He goes on to say that he thought it was a little early for the pair to marry, but that it wasn’t his place to say anything. “But it also gives you the power to play with them a little bit,” the captain adds with a gleeful smile.

Sig Hansen and his son-in-law apparently get along well enough now that they even get into trouble together. According to the Seattle Times, in May 2017 both Sig and Pederson were involved in an incident where the two spit on their Uber driver during a dispute over payment, with Hansen even getting out to kick the door, leaving a dent. Police said that both men appeared to be drunk. Hansen was arrested for the incident and pleaded not guilty, at which point the judge ordered him to refrain from using drugs or alcohol. So, as much as Sig may respect his son-in-law, perhaps it would be best if the two didn’t get drunk together in the future.




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