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What Happened To The Southern Wind On Deadliest Catch?

What Happened To The Southern Wind On Deadliest Catch?

Capt. Harley looking sad

Discovery’s pulse-pounding reality series “Deadliest Catch” has been on the air for close to two decades now. And over that span, the series has arguably delivered more high-stakes fishing drama than the small screen had seen in decades leading up to the show’s 2005 debut. It also continues to offer viewers a compelling glimpse into a profession, and a way of life, that, even after more than 300 episodes, remains as fascinating, and all but unknowable to those who’ve never actually lived it.

Of course, like any show that’s been on the air as long as “Deadliest Catch” has, there comes a point when new blood needs to be brought in to keep things spicy. And the Discovery hit has indeed brought new faces, and even new fishing vessels into the mix on a fairly regular basis over the years. One of the more recent injections of fresh “Deadliest Catch” blood came with the arrival of the F/V Southern Wind and its even-keeled Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson. Harley and the Southern Wind crew joined the series for Season 17, and though they weren’t exactly the most drama-forward lot that season, they certainly faced their share of troubles.


Unexpectedly, neither the vessel nor its captain has been seen on “Deadliest Catch” since. Here’s what became of the Southern Wind.

The Souther Wind is fishing a little further South these days

Southern Wind drifting at sea

It’s not all that uncommon for crew members to come and go in the fishing game, of course. Most longtime fishermen might be quick to tell you that sort of thing happens with the regularity of sea spray. And indeed it’s been a regular enough occurrence on “Deadliest Catch” as the show has matured. The same cannot be said for ship captains. And save for a ship being decommissioned, or even worse capsizing, it is equally rare for those to disappear.

Don’t worry — neither the Southern Breeze nor its captain is not currently calling the bottom of the Bering Sea their home. Though the Southern Wind is apparently no longer calling “Deadliest Catch” its home either,  the vessel is still very much operational, according to a recent YouTube post from Celebrity Family. Apparently, it is operating exclusively in Pacific Northwest waters these days, and claiming Seattle, Washington, as its primary port of call. Though it carries the same name, it seems the Southern Wind may be sporting a slightly new look as well, with Reality Tidbits reporting the ship recently received some much-needed repairs, and a fresh coat of camouflage paint to go with it.


As for Steve “Harley” Davidson, it seems neither outlet was able to confirm whether or not he’s still calling the shots from the Southern Wind’s captain’s chair. In fact, Harley’s been keeping a decidedly low profile since his last “Deadliest Catch” appearance, and hasn’t even updated his Instagram since February 2021. He is still listing himself as captain of the F/V Southern Wind on that page, however, so who’s to say?



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