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Is ‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Back Together With Ex-Fiancée?

Is ‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Back Together With Ex-Fiancée?

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Gold Rush star Rick Ness has been a welcome Season 14 return. The fan-favorite took a year off of gold mining to deal with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and admitted to a cocaine habit that flattened his nose and made his voice hoarse.

Despite not being close to his weekly gold goal, that is not what Discovery fans are talking about. They want to know if he is dating Morgan, or anyone else. However, a recent social media post has been fans wondering if he is reunited with his ex-fiancée Leese M. Arie.

Here is what has fans talking.

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Are Rick Ness And Leese M. Arie Back Together?

Team Rally may be fighting to survive this season of difficult gold mining on Gold Rush Season 14. However, Rick’s personal life has fans talking about the prodigal miner. On Thursday, Ness posted on his Instagram a photo of his former fiancée Leese with his late mother’s beloved dog Rubi. He wrote, “We had our first visitor tonight at our new home and Rubi and I got to see our best frand who also happens to fit in Rubi’s bed lol @leese_m_arie.”

Leese is all in black, save for tall red suede boots, sitting in a dog bed. Leese is cheek-to-cheek with the sweet pup, smiling. It should be noted, she is wearing some rings on her fingers, but no apparent engagement ring, just her custom talons. But, that does not mean that they are or are not together. They do seem to still keep in touch.

Firstly, the two have been friendly on social media. Considering some of the drama that happened at the beginning of the year this is surprising. Earlier in the year, Leese publicly accused Rick of cheating on her, and she broke their engagement. But now, things seem easygoing with their relationship.

For example, back in September, Leese shared on her social media a short video memory of Rick jumping into the pool during a “monsoon” storm. She recalled that she kept the gold miner from jumping in when there was lightning. Rick responded, “The lightning just adds to the fun 😎”

But, they do not seem engaged.

What Do Gold Rush Fans Say About Rick And Leese?

Why are Gold Rush fans all aflutter about Rick Ness and Leese M. Arie hanging out together? On Reddit, things got so spicy that they locked the thread less than 24 hours after this was posted. What did fans say?

As long as he’s happy, none of my business.
After all the back and forth on social media between these 2 wow. From what I’ve seen of her posts she’s a very very selfish woman and comes across as toxic. We don’t know the story behind the scenes but my gut tells me she’s bad news for Rick.
It was nice knowin’ ya Rick.
He’s gonna let her drive a rock truck again…she’s coming to a TV screen near you lol
Not to put too fine a point on it, but…this may not be a good thing. I couldn’t imagine being attracted to that style of person. Talons are for larger feline species an perhaps large birds of prey–neither of which I would be comfortable around.
Notice Rick and Lauren aren’t following each other on Instagram anymore. She deleted some photos with Rick.
Guess his not mining in 2024 then.

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Gold Rush fans, do you think Leese M. Arie and Rick Ness are back together again?

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