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‘ABP’: Matt Brown Apologizes, Says He’s Having Some Trouble

‘ABP’: Matt Brown Apologizes, Says He’s Having Some Trouble

Matt Brown- Instagram

Matt Brown hasn’t been on Alaskan Bush People for years. He has made some choices to try and distance himself from the Browns. He has gone through a lot in his life and he has been pretty open about it on his social media accounts. His father’s death hit him pretty hard, but he is doing anything that he can to get through it. He has shared videos with his followers about his feelings since Billy Brown’s passing. Not only has he shared this on Instagram, but recently, one of his posts drew a lot of attention from his followers and now it looks like he needs to apologize.

Matt Brown Talks Openly To Fans

Very recently, Matt Brown shared a post on Instagram about scammers. He told his followers that he had found out that there were people online that were trying to impersonate him. These people had started fake accounts claiming to be him. He said that they had been sending his fans messages about needing money. He made sure to tell his fans that they need to be careful of these scammers and not fall for any of this. However, after getting a lot of comments and backlash about this post, he decided he needed to apologize.

Matt Brown | YouTube

In Matt’s newest Instagram post, he shared a selfie and an apology. He told his fans that he was having a lot of trouble trying to upload his usual videos. He wrote, “I figured I’d post a selfie. I always try to remember the power and understanding I need is in me. Never give up, never surrender!” His fans were quick to ask him what had been going on with his videos because they do really enjoy them. One of his followers wrote to him, “Matt, you have millions of people backing you up. Don’t lose sight of what is most important.” A final fan added, “You are such a wonderful person. Keep up the good work. Sometimes parents and siblings are toxic making your family blood or not. Keep up the good work. Be strong and love the videos”

The Brown Family Feud

Matt Brown has had a lot of turmoil in his life. He wanted to get off of the show due to his battle with sobriety. Instead of staying involved in their antics, he likes to share videos of his adventures with his followers. It is clear that they really do enjoy seeing him do so. In one of his videos, however, his fans noticed that he was throwing some major shade at the rest of his family.

Matt Brown | YouTube

In this video, he talked about a man that he met online and his name is Jimmie. This man shares some very inspirational content that has helped Matt out. He added that Jimmie’s family was always there for him no matter what and would always help him if he needed them. He kept talking about how much they supported Jimmie instead of shunning him. This made his fans really feel as if he was throwing shade at the Browns.

Do you think Matt did the right thing by leaving the show to clean up his life? We would love to hear what you think about the family below in the comments. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People.

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