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Todd Chrisley Breaks Social Media Silence – His family has had so many scandals since Todd and Julie were in jail

Todd Chrisley Breaks Social Media Silence - His family has had so many scandals since Todd and Julie were in jail

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Despite being behind bars for a 12-year sentence, Todd Chrisley just broke his Instagram silence. A quick scroll through his profile reveals December of last year (a few days before Christmas) was the last time he posted anything on his Instagram profile. So, what does Todd have to say to his 2.2M followers from behind bars? Keep reading for the full story.

Todd Chrisley Breaks Social Media Silence

Posting for the first time in just shy of a year on his profile, Todd Chrisley continues to call out the corrupt justice system that put himself and his wife behind bars. At the very end of the lengthy post, the caption does clarify the post was made by “Todd Chrisley’s team.”


Now, Savannah Chrisley has previously admitted during her podcast that she controls both her father’s and her mother’s Instagram accounts. So, fans assume it was her who made this post. Savannah even popped into the comments, seemingly confirming it. In her comment, she declared that nothing would stop her from continuing to fight.

The Post Was Not About The Chrisleys

Shockingly, the post was about the broken justice system. It, however, was not about Todd and Julie’s situation. At least not directly. The post was about a man who was incarcerated with Todd. A man who the family felt also got taken to the cleaners by the corrupt justice system. A man with a voice people needed to hear.

The caption of the post explained: “Our Federal System is broken… please take time to read this letter from a man that is incarcerated with me. He is the Chairman of The Black Republican Caucus of Florida.”

Todd’s post continued by asking when the BOP would finally “be held accountable” for mending the broken system.


Congress MUST investigate immediately. These are conditions are not acceptable for ANYONE!! We will not stop until change is made! This could be you or one of your loved ones!”

The post noted the conditions of the facility Todd was locked up in were scary, dangerous, and needed to be investigated.

Chrisley Knows Best Fans React

Many fans admitted to Savannah and her father that they just weren’t going to read the letter because it was entirely too long. Many, however, stood behind her in agreement that Todd and Julie should be free. Surprisingly, Todd’s Instagram comments have been turned on for the first time in nearly a year.

Here’s some of what fans said in the comments:

“Meanwhile out here in ca we let a violent offender out to murder an innocent person a few days later —clown world”
“So you got caught not paying taxes and scamming but it’s the systems fault? Make it make sense. Jail is not supposed to be fine dining.”
“The real criminals are in office…people walking free for far worse crimes… VIOLENT crimes as well. Sickening what goes on in the USA in 2023…”
Not everyone stood in support of Savannah and her family’s battle. Some argued Julie and Todd should pay for their crimes.


What do you think inspired Savannah Chrisley to post this on Todd’s Instagram instead of posting on her own? Do you think Savannah gets her father’s permission before utilizing his social media accounts? Moreover, did you know Savannah managed her parents’ Instagram profiles? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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