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Todd Chrisley Could Get Out Of Prison, Receive Home Confinement

Todd Chrisley Could Get Out Of Prison, Receive Home Confinement

Todd Chrisley is trying to get out of prison early and receive home confinement instead. It sounds like there is a chance this could end up happening. People shared the details about what is going on now for the star of Chrisley Knows Best.

Todd Chrisley Violated Behind Bars

It was reported earlier today that Todd Chrisley has reason to believe that someone is violating him while he is asleep by taking pictures of him. What is being done with these pictures is unknown at this time.

This isn’t all that Todd is dealing with in prison. It is also very hot and there is no air conditioning where he is staying. They have had to deal with mold, bad plumbing and more. It sounds like he is miserable behind bars.

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Could Todd Get Out Of Jail Early?

here is now a chance that Todd Chrisley could end up getting out of jail early. Todd and Julie Chrisley both have a new legal team that is helping them out. Todd was originally rejected when he asked for home confinement, but now, the case is being “internally investigated.” His attorney Jay Surgent says that he “was making an application under the CARES Act to be released” to home confinement, but “his application, as well as a number of other applications — but particularly his — was rejected.”

It is being reported that when he submitted it the person in charge of it decided they didn’t want to do it. Then his application actually expired. The lawyer went on to say, “It’s very, very unfortunate, and that matter is now being investigated internally, and we feel as though there was no reason why it should have not been processed, even in light of his prison term.” It does sound like there is a chance Todd could win this case.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are both also appealing their case and trying to get rid of the charges against them. Todd is hoping to at least get home confinement and be able to spend the rest of his time at home on house arrest. Their lawyer feels like they deserve better treatment, but they feel like the other inmates do as well. He explained it isn’t just because they are celebrities.

Do you think that Todd Chrisley should get home confinement instead of spending time in prison? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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