General Hospital: Is Nina REALLY Guilty Of The SEC Leak? Or Is It [THIS] Person?

Although Carly is the heroine of General Hospital who is far from being miss goody-two-shoes. Over the years, she has dabbled into many questionable activities. Carly was involved in some Insider trading along with her boyfriend, Drew. And someone tipped them off to the SEC. Currently, it looks like Nina is the one who spilled the beans through her lawyer, Martin. However, there is a solid chance that someone beat Martin to it. How else can we explain the lightening speed the SEC came down with on Carly! Who could be the actual mystery person that dragged Carly and Drew into this situation? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out the truth.

Could Mason’s Lady Boss Have Thrown Carly & Drew Under The Bus?

A secret lady boss in General Hospital gives Mason and Austin orders to run mob activities. The makers have chosen not to reveal this secret lady yet. This opens the window for so many possibilities related to the lady gangster. There has been a lot of talk that the she may have orchestrated the attacks on Sonny. Thus, there is a fair chance that she might now be targeting other people close to Sonny. And, getting Carly arrested for insider trading would surely create a great deal of angst for her, as well as, Sonny!


General Hospital

Currently, Carly is under massive stress because of the SEC sword hanging on her head. Hence, Drew assured her that he will find the person who threw them under the bus. Even though Drew and Carly are in the knots, the biggest question remains on who tipped against them. Both of them did commit fraud and insider trading. While Nina and mystery lady boss are viable options, there is also another character who could be the actual rat.

General Hospital: Could Tracy Be The Big Rat?

Tracy always wanted to run her father’s company without Carly and Drew or anyone else except the Quartermaines. As she learned about the Insider trading activity, Tracy may have thought to take advantage of it. Hence, she could be the one who tipped them off. Considering that Tracy is clever, she could have slipped the intel to the SEC without getting eyes on herself. Perhaps, this is why she is standing aside while all the blame is falling on Ned.


This way, she could get hold of her father’s company and not get her hands dirty. Tracy showing up in Port Charles exactly on the day Carly was arrested by the SEC also is a red flag. Going by the above discussion, there is a plethora of options to pick from. Who do you think exposed Carly and Drew? Could it be Nina or Tracy? Will the secret lady boss reveal herself as the culprit on General Hospital? Take your pick and let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to be updated.


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