Grayson Chrisley’s Ex-Girlfriend Makes S*HOCK*ING Claims

Grayson Chrisley and Lilli Kate

Grayson Chrisley’s ex-girlfriend Lilli Kate is making some shocking claims about the reality star in a recent TikTok. In the viral trend, she puts a finger down if she has done something before. In this, she talks about Grayson and the things he did while they were together. After her long spill, she puts a finger down saying that she has dated someone who does all these things.

Kate’s Claims Against Grayson Chrisley

In this TikTok, which is now on friends only, Lilli Kate says that Grayson had a few things that seem to have bothered her while they were dating. She starts out by saying that her ex was a child celebrity who was “spoon-fed and spoiled.” She went on to say that he expected her to worship the ground he walked on while they were together. Next, she said when she didn’t answer the phone he would “cuss you out and threaten his own life.” You can listen to it all below.

In another TikTok that she posted, she is teasing that she was going to sell Grayson Chrisley’s hat. The comments on this one have fans thinking that these two split because Grayson cheated on her. One comment asked why he would cheat on her since she is so pretty and some comments say he didn’t cheat. Well, Lilli Kate replied to those saying, “he actually did.” She even liked a comment that said, “She said he cheated.” Check out this TikTok below.


Kate Leaks Voicemail

At the end of the TikTok, she leaks a voicemail allegedly from Grayson Chrisley. It does sound like his voice when you listen to it. In it, Chrisley says, “I hear that again I’m gonna blow my f*cking brains out. Jesus Christ, we’ve been through this. You don’t know how to answer a f*cking phone call..” You can tell that Grayson is annoyed she didn’t answer the phone, but it sounds like he took things a bit too far.

Grayson Chrisley's hat for sale

Grayson Chrisley recently shared a picture that showed a camera crew at his house once again. This caused speculation that the show is back or a new spin-off could be coming. Todd and Julie are spending time behind bars right now and Savannah Chrisley is raising Grayson and Chloe on her own. This would be interesting to see on the show.

Are you shocked by Lilli Kate’s claims in her TikTok? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.



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