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Grayson Chrisley Shares Special Event Without Mom & Dad

Grayson Chrisley Shares Special Event Without Mom & Dad

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Chrisley Knows Best alum, Grayson Chrisley isn’t a small boy with braces anymore and he just celebrated a special event, but sadly, without his mom and dad there. Of course, USA Network fans are well aware that they are currently serving time in prison for tax and fraud-related offenses. Certainly, it’s been tough on their youngest son, who feels their separation deeply.

Grayson Chrisley Was Playing Little League Just Yesterday, Right?

Fans of the Chrisley Knows Best show always had a soft spot for Chase and Savannah Chrisley’s little brother. His smile, his quiet humor, and his obvious love for his mom and dad endeared a lot of people. While lots of people condemn Todd and Julie for their crimes, not as many people slam their boy. He’s grown up so fast, that people couldn’t believe their eyes when he celebrated a special event recently.


Grayson Chrisley used to live for baseball, and he still plays, but he’s older now and more interested in girls. Yes, he has a girlfriend, and she was with him on his special day. When he shared his post on Instagram, his sister, Savannah commented, and a whole new conversation started in the replies to her. People simply cannot get over how much he’s changed since they saw him play Little League.

Savannah Chrisley & Her Brother Get Fans Shedding Tears

The special event turned out to be his prom night, and in the photos that he shared on Instagram, fans could see that he is almost a man now. He looked very smart in his blue suit, and in his caption, he said:

“Turn me into a rock that’s one expensive fossil“ – Sketch


Grayson Chrisley at his prom - Instagram

Savannah wasn’t going to stay silent on Grayson Chrisley’s post about his prom. She replied, saying, “CAN WE REWIND TIME 😭😭 I love you and I’m so proud of the young man that you are becoming ❤️ you are what every sister wishes she had as a brother.” That seemed very touching, but when her brother replied, fans claimed it made them tearful.

Grayson wrote, “@savannahchrisley I love you so much thank you for everything.”

Of course, she’s been raising Chloe and her brother ever since Todd and Julie reported to prison. So, it seems very sweet of him to publicly acknowledge his sister. Here are some of the comments that followed:

@savannahchrisley stop now I’m crying reading your comments to each other 😭 I am so sad that Todd and Julie don’t get to be there for Greysons (sic) prom. 😭
you are a wonderful sister and Grayson has a beautiful heart it shows. Hold each other close and tight.
@graysonchrisley, it’s been awesome to watch you grow up. Enjoy the ride and make the best of it.
stop time please. He was just playing little league baseball now prom man.
What are your thoughts about Grayson Chrisley being all grown up? Are you sad that Todd and Julie couldn’t be there for his prom? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.



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