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EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Chase Chrisley wants to get back together with Emmy.. Even though he previously cheated on her

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Chase Chrisley wants to get back together with Emmy.. Even though he previously cheated on her

Chase Chrisley tells Savannah how much he adores and wishes for the success of his girlfriend Emmy Medders. He does, however, want her to leave his home. Savannah Chrisley quickly sides with Emmy Medders, saying that Chase knew what he was agreeing to and that he ought to have “read the fine print.”

In this video, we’ll discuss why Chase Chrisley wants Emmy Medders to leave his house. We will also discuss the reasons behind Chase and Emmy’s breakup. Wait, did they split up? If you want all the details, stick with us until the end of the video!


Chase Chrisley, Emmy Medders

The ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ alum still wants “nothing but the best” for Emmy Medders, despite the “s—-y s— that went down”

Chase Chrisley is not holding back as he candidly addresses his split from his ex-fiancée, Emmy Medders.

On Tuesday’s episode of his sister Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast, Chase opened up about the bumpy road that led to the breakup — and what the future holds. The Nashville realtor admitted while he “learned a lot of lessons” from the whole experience, things weren’t perfect between them.


“Our entire relationship, it wasn’t all bad times,” Chase, 27, said. “I mean, I’ve got a lot of s— I’m dealing with, she’s got a lot of s— she’s dealing with. She just chose to leave me while I was dealing with my s—, but we mutually agreed to part ways.”

Chase said he’s “great” and “doing real good now.”

“I’m definitely over the hump. It was rough there for a little while but I’m over it now,” he explained. “God hears conversations we don’t hear and sees things we don’t see. He moved her out of my life and I’m grateful for that because it clearly was not meant to be.”

The reality star continued, “There was a lot of dirty s— that went down that should have been handled differently. Just, the lack of respect was not there. … I made mistakes in our relationship, 100 percent. But, so did she.”

Clarifying his comments, Chase said he doesn’t think the Elegant Tans by Emmy founder is a “bad person.” He then acknowledged that while he was “in love” with Medders, there was still a level of “respect” missing on both sides.


“The only thing I can do is thank God for bringing me through it,” he said. “I learned a lot of valuable lessons.”

As for whether he feels the pair could ever work things out, Chase said: “Not a chance in hell. That would never happen because I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen true colors.”

“If [her family] needed me, I would be there for them. But if I don’t have to be there in a room with them, I’m not going to,” he added. “She still did some dirty s—.”
Toward the podcast’s end, Chase concluded: “I don’t want to come across like I’m s—-ing on Emmy. I do wish her nothing but the best, but there was some s—-y s— that went down.”

Chase Chrisley Says There's 'Not a Chance in Hell' He'd Reconcile with Emmy Medders After 'S--- Went Down'

The Chrisley Knows Best alum announced his split from Medders, 26, in early August. News of their breakup came nine months after their engagement, which occurred months after the pair reconciled following a brief split.

“Everybody has been asking a lot of questions regarding Emmy and myself,” he wrote on his Instagram Story at the time. “We both and [sic] agreed to part ways and move on with our lives separately. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

His rep later told PEOPLE that Chase “has nothing but love and respect for Emmy and wishes her well. Unfortunately, things didn’t work and they are both moving on with their lives.”

Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley

Though Medders has yet to directly address the split, the influencer recently revealed she has moved home to Atlanta to be closer to family.
“I’m doing well! I’ve moved back to ATL to be closer to my family and it’s been so nice,” she shared in an Instagram Story Q+A last month. “Just knowing that I’m closer helps me sleep better at night, ya know.”

Chase, meanwhile, has since revealed that he’s dating again. “I am back dating, yeah,” he recently told Extra. “I’ve already been on dates. I’m ready to go!”

Chase Chrisley Shocks & Confuses With New Girlfriend: Photos

Chase Chrisley - YouTube - Feature

Chase Chrisley has left Chrisley Knows Best fans shocked and confused with the recent reveal of his newest girlfriend. In fact, a photo he shared of himself with his new lover was posted on Reddit. And, fans are giving a serious thumbs down to his new lady.

What is it exactly about this new girlfriend that has fans shocked and confused? Furthermore, who is the new girlfriend of Chase Chrisley? Keep reading for the scoop.

Chase Chrisley Shocks & Confuses With New Girlfriend

Chrisley Knows Best fans admit they were surprised to see Chase post a photo of himself with his new girlfriend. As fans recall, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s son made it clear during a podcast he was DONE sharing his love interests with social media. Turns out, Chase was having a serious issue with women getting with him to leech off his fame and grow their own social media following. So, keeping his relationships private was the only solution to the problem.

Chase Chrisley, however, completely went against this when he went public with his new relationship.

Chase Chrisley Youtube

One fan penned in a thread on Reddit discussing his new lady love: “Laughing because not too long ago on the podcast Chase said he wouldn’t share any new girlfriends on social media because he feels like they’re taking advantage of his ‘fame.’”

Thumbs Down From Chrisley Knows Best Fans

Unfortunately for Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend, fans really didn’t have kind things to say. The OP of the thread noted that they tried not to judge people. They, however, couldn’t ignore the fact that she did NOT give off any “down to earth” vibes.

Immediately responding to the thread, one fan noted she looked “cheap.” Another called attention to her thick foundation making her face a completely different color from the rest of her body. A separate fan pointed out she was definitely a “downgrade” comparing her to Emmy Medders.

Chase Chrisley - Instagram

Several fans pointed out that Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend looked a lot like his sister Savannah. A few more chimed in to agree his girlfriends often looked similar to Savannah. And, it gave them the creeps.

Chase Chrisley’s New Girlfriend: Jodi Laine Fournerat

Turns out, Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend’s name is Jodi Laine Fournerat. She has 14,000 followers on Instagram. She boasts of being a “fashionista.” And, her social media profile screams Instagram model vibes.

Scrolling through her profile, it has been about 13 weeks since the last time she posted anything. Chrisley Knows Best fans already poured into the comments of her most recent Instagram post.

One fan penned: “Thought he said he wasn’t helping next girlfriend get publicly! Or put her show or social media. They end up using him.”

Another fan questioned if Chase Chrisley was “punking” everyone with this latest girlfriend reveal.

Digging a bit deeper into her Instagram profile, she has only posted three times this year with the fourth post on her profile (not counting her pinned post) being over a year old.

What do you think of Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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