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Fans Frustrated With ‘Deadliest Catch,’ Should Show End?

Fans Frustrated With ‘Deadliest Catch,’ Should Show End?

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Discovery Channel fans are growing frustrated at Deadliest Catch, and many are voicing their opinions. There are some fans who even think the show should end. Why are they so irritated with the show that brings mariners out crab fishing in dangerous waters? Read on to find out their main complaints.

Deadliest Catch Critics Miss The Early Seasons

Many fans of Deadliest Catch mock the production team for what they think are silly scenes. For example, hardly anyone on social media believes those tough fishermen would sit and cry during interviews. Others feel that it’s become so fake and scripted that it hardly deserves the word “reality” to be associated with it.


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Other Deadliest Catch fans hate that the show brought women onto the vessels. They claim it’s not sexist to criticize the girls who are not as physically strong as the men. Many people also expressed anger with Captain Sig’s daughter, Mandy. Notably, the crew also became frustrated as she napped while they worked in heavy seas. However, there are even more complaints about the show.

Discovery Channel Blasted By Critics

On Reddit this week, some fans seem fed up with the show. An OP wrote:

Discussion about the future of the series…I want to keep this civil. How can this show continue? It’s been the same formula since season 1 and it keeps getting more scripted every year. Most of the captains are pushing mid to late 50’s to early 70’s, not to mention that they are also starting to run out of places to catch crab due to climate change and overfishing. I think this show needs to come to an end and have these captains retire.


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In the comments, some Deadliest Catch fans felt that it hasn’t actually been the same formula. However, others also complained about why they felt the show ran its course.

I’d argue that it hasn’t been the same formula since season 1. The earlier seasons spent more time focusing on the crew members and their struggles. Now it’s all about the captains and whatever drama they can make up between them…
I love Sig but the scripted stuff with Mandy and her husband is putting me off also the fake back stabbing between captains, oh and the threat of the nasty Russians. The producers are treating the view[er]s for idiots if they think people believe that bs.
I swear to god, that whole Russia thing was so scripted.
The same thing has happened to Deadliest Catch that happened to American Chopper: the show stopped focusing on what actually made it interesting and instead started focusing on manufactured drama in order to chase what they thought viewers “wanted” to see based on the ratings.
What are your thoughts? Do you think the Discovery Channel show became too scripted to be believable? Should it end now? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.



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