General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Comes Home A Quartermaine — And Bent On Revenge Against The Mob

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Comes Home A Quartermaine — And Bent On Revenge Against The Mob

Report on spoilers for General Hospital GH viewers are ecstatic to see Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) back in Port Charles. However, some of us might not be as happy with the person he’s become while he’s been gone, and it might take some time to learn the real reason behind his seeming differences.

One prevailing theory is that John ‘Jagger’ Cates (Adam Harrington) somehow managed to rescue Jason from the crumbled tunnel atop of him, save his life, and reprogram him to use him as a weapon against Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and the rest of the mob.


But few have considered that Jagger may not have programmed Jason merely to be a servant of the justice system, but may have programmed him to return to his roots — the way he wishes he could have helped his little brother, Michael ‘Stone’ Cates (Michael Sutton) years ago.

Jason Morgan Is A Fine Replacement

Although reviving people has never been an issue on GH, we can all agree that it would be difficult to bring Stone back to life. Additionally, it would completely overturn and erase one of the most influential plots in television history.

GH dismantled taboos surrounding the HIV and AIDS crisis and normalized household knowledge of it. However, everyone wants Jason back, even though Sonny could regret missing his friend so much after seeing what’s happened to him.


Years ago, a car accident left Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton) unable to remember who he was. Sonny took him under his wing, much the same as he did with Stone, and molded him into someone entirely different from who he always was.

Jagger can’t turn back the clock with Stone, but he can try to give the Quartermaine’s back their family member while robbing Sonny of the most important person in his life all over again.

Leak This Hits Sonny Corinthos Close To Home

Jagger knows he can never make Sonny truly understand how it felt for him to watch his brother spiral out of control and die at the hands of the mob’s influence.


While Sonny never held a gun to the kid’s head, he did introduce him to a world of danger that ultimately claimed his life when he developed AIDS.

In the pursuit of an eye for an eye justice, Jagger wants to take the closest thing Sonny ever had to a brother and ruin it for him before his very eyes.

Nothing hits Sonny harder than betrayal, and learning that it was his brother-in-arms who tried to kill him just might be the straw that breaks this mob camel’s back.

Once A Quartermaine, Always A Quartermaine

Even though Jason is still alive, Jagger would give anything to ease Sonny’s pain and let him know that he will never see his sweetheart again.

Nobody will love the Jason that is returning to town, and we have to wonder what that means for the community as a whole. He is clearly someone else’s child, even if he will no longer be Sonny’s mob enforcer. He has two children.

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