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Savannah Chrisley Still Blames Lindsie For Parents’ Prison Time

Savannah Chrisley Still Blames Lindsie For Parents’ Prison Time

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Savannah Chrisley still blames her older sister, Lindsie Chrisley for their parents being sent to prison. Todd and Julie Chrisley started serving their respective sentences in January 2023. Despite them being responsible for their own actions, Savannah is playing the blame game. Read on for more details.

Savannah Chrisley Still Blames Lindsie For Parents’ Prison Time

It has been over a year since Todd and Julie Chrisley went off to prison. Todd is serving his over-decade-long sentence in Pensacola, Florida. As for Julie, she is serving her time in Kentucky and they cannot really communicate with one another. Daughter Savannah Chrisley has admitted to being their go-between and has relayed messages of love for her parents. Their sentences have already been cut slightly but the hope is to have them come home even sooner. While all of this is transpiring, Savannah has been blaming her older sister, Lindsie Chrisley for their serving time.


Lindsie Chrisley on Savannah's podcast

According to Savannah, she has claimed that Lindsie worked for the government. She spoke out on The Viall Viles podcast about this, saying of her sister: “She was very, heavily involved with my parents’ court case, was working with the government.” A Reddit thread was recently started to discuss the fact that Savannah cannot stop blaming her sister for what went down. The OP shared a clip from @teenmomfanz:

The comment was that it was so wrong for Savannah to go on a podcast and blame Lindsie for putting their parents in prison. Savannah simply said that “the truth is the truth.” Immediately, fellow Redditors had a lot to say about this battle:

Lindsie has mentioned blocking Savannah before tho 🤣😅They’re both insufferable
Savannah annoys me more than Lindsie ever has. If your parents did nothing as Savannah preaches than why tf did they go to jail?
Nah but Lindsie is right for this one imo. Savannah needs to learn to keep others names out of her mouth.
Get it straight sassy,no one but Todd and Julie put themselves in prison


Lindsie Snaps Back

Followers appeared to believe a few things. One was that Todd and Julie Chrisley were responsible for their own actions. The next was that both Lindsie and Savannah Chrisley needed to grow up and act like adults because this was too much petty drama. Finally, there was a tendency to think Lindsie was right in this situation. Savannah should not talk badly about her sister consistently. This led Lindsie to clap back after seeing her comment about “the truth is the truth.” She suggested that Savannah phone her rather than post all over the Internet.

Do you think that Savannah needs to stop playing the blame game and just deal with the situation at hand? More so, does she just need or want someone to be mad at? Let us know in the comments below.

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