General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Is Back — And He’s Aiming To Take Down The Whole Mob

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Is Back — And He’s Aiming To Take Down The Whole Mob

Spoilers for General Hospital Steve Burton’s character Jason Morgan will soon be returning to Port Charles, but there’s no news on what that will entail for the mafia. It appears that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is finally out of the way, which allows Jason to re-enter Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) organization as if he had never left.

hat would be the perfect cover for a guy who wants it to appear that he’s back to be his best friend’s right-hand man when he’s actually trying to take him out.


We have no idea what happened to Jason in the two years that he’s been gone, but one thing is for sure: alarm bells will start going off for everyone involved if he tries to pull the wool over Sonny’s eyes.

Jason Morgan Comes Home

We’re just weeks away from laying eyes on Jason again, but fans are truly salivating over what the expression on Sonny’s face will be when he confronts this mysterious ‘Stone’ who allegedly made a play for his life.

How will he wrap his head around Jason being alive? Is Jason going to be his old self, and he’s just taking down mobsters as a means of using his stealth deceased status as cover, or will he be someone else entirely? Potential brainwashing can’t be ruled out.

Some fans even think he may have sustained a brain injury in the tunnel collapse and could have regained his memories from before his accident years ago that left him with no recollection of his life as Jason Quartermaine.


Gush Carly Spencer Is In A Tight Spot

The way Sonny reacts to Jason returning will be solely determined by his current state of mind. Even if Jason is kicking and screaming, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), on the other hand, will be prepared to entice him back into her world.

It can break her if he doesn’t feel like himself and forgets they were pals. She might have to restrain herself from expressing all of those emotions, though, since she is currently seeing Drew Cain, Jason’s twin brother (Cameron Mathison).

Grieving Jason’s death all over again could be in the cards for Carly if he comes back only to make sure she feels the pain of no longer knowing him. But would his alienation from her make her a target on his hit list, too?

Was Jason Morgan The Metro Court Shooter?

It’s possible that Jason aka Stone was the Metro Court Pool shooter, and that he has since taken out Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) — a wake-up call to all of the Port Charles mob community and law enforcement.


The motive is still unclear. We can trust that Jason would normally not make a move against anyone — even an enemy — without reason.

Taking out Sonny’s rivals only because he is under the impression of being deceased doesn’t seem like something he would do.

Furthermore, if Jason—or Stone—takes any action to hurt Sonny, it must be because he wants to clear the decks and leave Port Chuck mob-free.

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