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Chloe Chrisley Biological Mom COMES OUT “She Was taken From me”

Chloe Chrisley Biological Mom COMES OUT "She Was taken From me"

As Todd and Julie Chrisley face possible prison time, the issue of what happens to Chloe Chrisley has been raised. For Chloe and Grayson, the majority of viewers expected Savannah or Chase to step up. However, many followers questioned whether Chloe should return to her parents rather than stay with her new boyfriend. Would Kyle finally step up and be the father Chloe deserved? They admit that the return of Chloe to her parents would be adored by many of her fans. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why bringing Chloe back to her mother and father will not be possible. And what are they?

What did Savannah do that has fans so upset? And, do these fans have grounds for these accusations?


Grayson And Chloe Chrisley: One Chip Challenge

A little over halfway through this week’s episode of Savannah’s podcast, Grayson and Chloe Chrisley participate in the one-chip challenge. The Paqui One Chip Challenge made headlines recently after a teenager reportedly passed away after trying the challenge. As a result, the company made the decision to take the product off the shelves. The decision to pull the Paqui One Chip Challenge from the market was controversial as many argued the teenager likely had a severe allergic reaction to the product.

Understandably, Chrisley Knows Best fans were a bit surprised to see Chloe and Grayson doing the one-chip challenge given all of the negative press surrounding it recently.

Chloe - Grayson - Savannah Chrisley Youtube
Chloe – Grayson – Savannah Chrisley Youtube

Turns out, depending on how a person chooses to stream the podcast, some platforms include a disclaimer that the episode was filmed before news broke that the challenge resulted in someone’s death.

Fans Accuses Savannah Chrisley Of Child Abuse: What Happened?

On Reddit, fans admit they are horrified they didn’t remove the segment from the podcast before posting it all over the Internet. Likewise, fans were equally horrified Savannah allowed Grayson and Chloe to do the challenge as it specifically warns it is not recommended for children. Fans grew even more enraged as Savannah appeared to laugh with amusement as the children she was responsible for struggled in pain.

Savannah Chrisley podcast Feature YouTube

Many fans argued on Reddit the segment was uncomfortable to watch and they believed it was child abuse. One individual even shared a link and noted it wasn’t difficult to report her for her actions in this video. Here’s some of what fans had to say about the chip challenge and Chloe’s safety:

  • “I just watched the rest of it. At the end when Chloe says, ‘You made us do it.’ …The way she was laughing at them clearly in pain..That was truly hard to watch.”
  • “Finally finished watching and found it horrifying. Savannah keeps telling Chloe it was Chloe’s idea. I used to have some ‘ideas’ when I was ten, but thank god I had responsible adults to point out the stupidity lol!”
  • “That was clearly a ‘not for kids’ challenge. Even the website has it prominently shown.”

Savannah and Chloe seemed to go back and forth on who had the original idea to do the challenge. Fans, however, argue Savannah is the adult and should have looked into it not being for children and shut it down immediately. Moreover, fans argue Savannah shouldn’t have taken pleasure in Chloe’s pain.

Do you think allowing Grayson and Chloe to do the spicy chip challenge and laughing at them is abuse? Or, do you think fans are way off base with these accusations? Share your thoughts on this fan chatter in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on the Chrisley family.



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