General Hospital: Victor’s Revenge From The Beyond, Anna Is ARRESTED

General Hospital Legend Charles Shaughnessy knew what he was talking about when he teased that Victor’s terror might not be over yet! The daunting villain may have met his end in the hair-raising pathogen track in Greenland, but his handiwork will continue to cause trepidation amongst the residents of Port Charles. The latest spoilers tease that Victor will have his revenge from all who rubbed him the wrong way through his will! And the first to fall victim will be Anna Devane. Find out all the juicy details about it below, only on TV Season & Spoilers!

Laura Reads Victor’s Will

Victor did not just become the most formidable villain of General Hospital by fluke. He knew exactly what he was doing. Victor’s Intelligence Quotient was just as high as his Evil Quotient! Thus, we are not surprised one bit that he has planted plenty of bombshells in his will. Hence instating that the only one who can replace Victor Cassadine, is Victor Cassadine! Recently, Laura Spencer Collins sent out invitations around town for Victor’s will reading. The latest spoilers tease that Laura will be shocked by the legal document.


But what could be so terrifying about a bunch of inked words on paper? Well, knowing that those words come from Victor, they could be laced in literal venom! And, like we mentioned, the first to fall victim to Victor’s will will be Anna! But what intel could Victor have against Anna? She hates her guts alright, but she’s been walking on the right side of the line! Could this bombshell have something to do with Anna’s past? Keep reading to find out more!

Anna Gets Arrested On General Hospital

Anna Devane may now be the one carrying the torch against all evils on General Hospital, however, there was a darker time in her life. Back in the day, Anna acted as a double agent for the evil DVX agency, For the unversed, DVX was the wretched rival of the WSB agency. We can’t help but wonder if resourceful Victor was sitting on a pile of “black files” against Anna from all those years ago. Could he have revealed the location and details of those files in his will?

General Hospital


The General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna will become especially unnerved at Victor’s will reading. Furthermore, the spoilers suggest that in the upcoming episodes Anna will help Sonny and Nina with something at the Metro Court, and that’s where the cops will arrest her. Could this arrest be on the grounds of the information leaked through Victor’s will? Is Anna’s dark past with the DVX about to come back to bite her? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next!


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