General Hospital: Cameron Returns With New Girlfriend, Joss Hit By Jealousy?

Cameron Webber left Port Charles with a broken heart on General Hospital. After Joss betrayed him, the young gun took advantage of his Stanford opportunity, and accepted the sports scholarship. Cameron’s time away from Port Charles easily accommodated actor William Lipton’s (Cameron) actual real-life college commitments. However, things are about to change, as Cam may come home for Summer break! And the cutie will not return alone, he may have a sweetheart by his side! Would Cam’s return incite jealousy from his ex, and stir the pot with her current? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

Cameron Comes Home For Summer

Joss broke Cam’s heart when she cheated on him with Dex Heller on General Hospital. After Cam moved away to Stanford, Joss got into a committed relationship with Dex, and the two have been happily hitting the sack since then. It’s completely believable that Cam is in the know of Joss and Dex’s happy canoodling. Thus, he may have decided to start afresh at Stanford. Perhaps a young damsel caught his eye across the hall, and has managed to heal his broken heart.


The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that actor William Lipton is all set to reprise his role as Cam. Thus, we can expect the young heartthrob to return to Port Charles for his summer break. Moreover, if he actually has found a new love at Stanford, he may bring her along to see the place he grew up in. Of ocurse, it would also bring him the added advantage of rubbing his relationship in Joss’ face! So, could the story head that way? Are we about to see some rekindling of an old fire in Joss’ heart?

Cameron’s New Relationship Makes Joss Jealous, New Trouble Brewing On General Hospital

“Out of sight is out of mind” is a popular idiom that holds solid ground. However, that also asserts that coming back into view might bring back a flood of old memories! What if that’s exactly what happens to Joss when Cam returns with his new love? There is no doubt that Joss is “all in” with Dex. She is even willing to go to war against Michael and Sonny

to keep Dex safe! But all of this is happening in Cam’s absence.


General Hospital

What if all the complications of Dex’s mob life starts to take a toll on Joss and she starts to crave the former stability she had with Cam? Those feelings will certainly intensify when she crosses paths with Cam again on General Hospital. Moreover, if Cam begins to indulge in some PDA with his new girlfriend right in front of Joss, it might make matters even worse for her. Could Joss suddenly want to rekindle her romance with Cam? What would that mean for her relationship with Dex? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens next!


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