LPBW: Jeremy Slammed For Promoting Fasting Again, Fans Worried For Their Children!

LPBW Little People Big World

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are among the most popular cast members of the LPBW franchise. Jeremy gained huge popularity ever since he was a teenager. He came into the limelight because of his parents, Amy and Matt, and their show, Little People Big World. However, Jeremy and Audrey have been turning heads lately for their problematic behavior despite quitting the show. The couple recently started sharing the benefits of fasting and other misinformation on the internet. However, fans started slamming the two for sharing the information without proper knowledge. Now, they have raised concerns for their kids as they are promoting a “dangerous” habit.

LPBW Stars Jeremy & Audrey Face Fans Anger For Promoting Fasting, Worried For Kids!

The Little People Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey have been facing lots of criticism for promoting fasting on social media. On May 23, the 32-year-old shared the benefits of autophagy. It is the process of cell rejuvenation that occurs in the body through fasting. However, some of his followers raised concerns about his claims. Jeremy’s followers slammed him for encouraging fasting. Moreover, they were worried for their three kids too. The LPBW celebrity took to Instagram to share a story, “concerning fasting for health, look up ‘autophagy.’” Moreover, he added that there was sufficient peer-reviewed research on fasting-triggered cell rejuvenation. The reality TV celebrity was amazed to find out that the body was designed to have an internal cell repair mechanism.



Jeremy went on to say that fasting has sadly become a lost art due to people’s gluttony (and numerous other things). He further pointed out that most people are unaware of their body’s natural functions. However, fans were unhappy with his latest post. So, they slammed him for the “dangerous” habit. They raised concerns regarding his three kids, Radley, Bode, and Ember. One fan claimed on Reddit that he truly needed to stop talking about the advantages of fasting. They went on to say that it isn’t fair until he can show that he practices what he’s advocating. Jeremy also promoted seven-day water fasting but never shared his personal experiences with fans. Another follower commented that they were scared of how the LPBW couple raised their kids as they believed in such things.

LPBW Star Jeremy Roloff Exhausted Fans For Sharing Misleading Information About Fasting!

TLC celebrity Jeremy Roloff has recently attracted massive criticism because of his social media posts. He has been encouraging fans to the great benefits of fasting. However, fans of the LPBW star think he is trying to sound knowledgeable without enough information. Moreover, his followers slammed him for sharing misleading information. The 33-year-old star recently claimed that our bodies are unhealthy unless we fully comprehend the body, mind, and spirit. The LPBW star went on to say that these three things establish whether or not a body is healthy.



Jeremy continued and said that they were all interconnected. Further, he claimed that fasting is indeed a great habit. However, one needs a solid mind to improve our health. Viewers, on the other hand, found this too exhausting. Further, they added that he is not qualified enough to speak on this topic. The LPBW audience also pointed out that our bodies need certain nutrients to function correctly. Hence, we cannot risk lowering them. What’s your take on Jeremy’s fasting knowledge? Tell us in the comments. Stay tuned with TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on Jeremy’s new-found knowledge.


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