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Grayson Chrisley Teases Major Reality TV Update: New Show?

Grayson Chrisley Teases Major Reality TV Update: New Show?

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Grayson Chrisley dropped a major bombshell on his Instagram Stories on Friday involving his family’s reality TV future. While the post was definitely a bit of a tease without a lot of information, it also provided fans with some answers they’ve been waiting for. Is a new show focused on the Chrisley family coming soon? What did Grayson share exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Grayson Chrisley teases fans with reality TV update, new show?

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s youngest son took to Instagram with a teasing update about the family’s reality TV show future. As fans know, all of their reality TV shows were swiftly canceled when Todd and Julie collectively landed behind bars for 19 years. Savannah, however, told fans that many different networks and production companies reached out wanting to do something new with her family. She promised a new show would happen, she was just shopping around for the best option.


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During an episode of her podcast, Nanny Faye chimed in to confirm she was very much ready to roll on a new series. So, what was it Grayson shared exactly?

Grayson Chrisley’s Instagram Stories post featured a snapshot of his household with several members of a filming crew inside. There was a presumed cameraman in the picture with what looked like either an audio person or a field producer behind him.

Almost out of the frame, in the corner of the picture, Chloe Chrisley was sitting at the counter. The caption “Are you ready?” was attached to the picture. Unfortunately, nothing more was included. So, fans aren’t really sure what is being filmed just yet.


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Fans are thrilled

Fans were devastated when the series came to an end. Savannah promised a new series would be born with updates on how the family was coping with the situation. She and Nanny Faye were hoping for something that was a little more real and a little less scripted this time around. Both admitted that Chrisley Knows Best wasn’t always completely real because it was molded to be a comedy. And, sometimes their lives just weren’t that funny.

Despite their parents’ situation, there is nothing fans want more than to see this family back on television.

Savannah and Nanny Faye/YouTube

Are you excited that Grayson Chrisley shared this teasing post on his Instagram Stories? Are you going to tune in to watch this new series? When do you think more information about the series will be released? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.



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