General Hospital: Esme Fixates On A New Man, Wants To Find A Baby Daddy For Ace

Esme seems to have turned a new leaf on General Hospital ever since her amnesia kicked in. Moreover, she has also taken up a new role that she hadn’t been prepared for- the role of a mommy! But to her credit, she has been showering Ace with all her love, attention, and care. That’s something that’s a sharp contrast to her yesteryear behavioral pattern. However, this new Esme comes with a certain vulnerability and might soon realize that she needs someone to lean on for support. In fact, she may already have her eyes on the perfect candidate! Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out who!

Esme Sets Her Eyes On A New Man

Ever since Ace got kidnapped by Victor at General Hospital, Dr. Austin Holt became a pillar of support for Esme. He managed to calm her nerves over Ace’s colic while he was missing and also reassured her that everything would be alright. Upon Ace’s return, Austin ran a full check on the baby to ensure his health. At the time, he made sure everyone left the room, including Spencer, but he allowed Esme to stay. Thus, it’s clear that he supports Esme’s involvement as Ace’s mother and sees her as his primary caregiver.


General Hospital

Esme has undoubtedly been blown over by Austin’s compassion towards her on General Hospital. And history is proof that compassion and empathy are something that Esme has never experienced but has always craved it! Does that mean Esme will start looking up to Austin as her shoulder to lean on? She has definitely been lonely, and the drastic life changes she is experiencing surely make her want to have someone to depend on. Besides, Austin himself has been trying to break free of a questionable past, so he is the last person who wants to judge Esme on her less-than-adequate past. Will this dynamic between them make Esme start obsessing over Austin?

Esme Makes A Move On Austin On General Hospital

Currently, in General Hospital, the storyline is moving in a way that could bring Ava and Austin romantically close to each other. The two have already aced the on-screen chemistry test, and GH fans love them together! But a perfect pair is often a cry for trouble! Especially when Esme is around, well, at least the old Esme! Could Esme’s obsession with Austin bring back shades of her former self? She surely has a history of snatching men, and Ava has already been bitten by Esme before!


Ava and Nik were married when Esme entered their orbit on General Hospital. She had absolutely no trouble bedding her boyfriend’s daddy! Thus, we can rest assured that the age difference between Esme and Austin is not a deal breaker, in fact, it might just add to his charm! After all, why wouldn’t a vulnerable and lonely Esme want a mature, compassionate, and dependable man in her life? If the ball rolls in this direction, we might have a new love triangle, including Ava, Austin, and Esme.

Do you think Esme would go back to her old scheming and evil ways, or would she end up making progress as an improved person with Austin’s help? It will be an interesting watch! Well, folks, the coin has been flipped, so stay tuned to General Hospital to find out on which side it lands!

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