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Chase Chrisley Wants Babies NOW, Emmy Shuts It Down

Chase Chrisley Wants Babies NOW, Emmy Shuts It Down

It turns out that Chase Chrisley wants babies right now, but his fiance Emmy Medders shut down this idea. She thinks she has a pretty good reason to wait a bit longer before they start a family. So what does Chase have to say about children?

Chase Wants Babies Now

People shared that Chase Chrisley is ready to have babies now. He was on the podcast Chasin Birdies and talked about their future and when the couple wants children. Here is what Chase revealed.


“I want to have as many children as she wants to have. I want a big family. I mean, I come from a big family so I don’t ever want an empty house. Family is everything. I’d have a baby right now, but she wants to get married, do as [is] the traditional way, which I respect that. And it’s up to her. It’s her body.” So it sounds like the couple won’t be rushing to have babies right away.

You know that Julie and Todd want to be involved with their grandchildren. Chase and Savannah do go visit their parents often so if a baby was born they could probably take it along with them.

The couple got engaged back in October of 2022 so they are approaching being engaged for a year. Chase proposed at First Horizon Park in Nashville, Tennessee. They had been dating off and on for three years at this point in their relationship.

Chase And Emmy Wedding Update

The rumors flew that Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders might get married before Todd and Julie went to prison. That didn’t happen, though. Now, they would have to wait years to get married if they want his parents to be there. Since they are waiting to start a family, they probably won’t be waiting on a wedding until his parents get released. They would have to wait 12 years for both Todd and Julie Chrisley to be there.


Emmy did share that the couple hasn’t picked out a wedding date just yet. Instead, Emmy said that they are just enjoying being engaged. It will be interesting to see how long they wait to get married. No word on if they have even started planning yet.

Do you think that Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders should have babies now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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