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Exclusive news: Lindsie Chrisley and her boyfriend are back together.. Can they get married?

Exclusive news: Lindsie Chrisley and her boyfriend are back together.. Can they get married?

Exclusive news: Lindsie Chrisley and her boyfriend are back together.. Can they get married?

Are Lindsie Chrisley & Trent Back Together?

Chrisley Knows Best fans were a bit confused about Lindsie Chrisley when she and Trent split, and now they feel mystified because they suspect that they might be back together. As no new photos arrived on her social media, why did people become suspicious? Read on to find out.

Lindsie Chrisley Was Broken By A Betrayal

Todd Chrisley’s daughter can be a bit mysterious on her podcast, and she tried to deliver a story about breakups, friends, DMs, and pain. Chrisley Knows Best fans discovered that the couple were in a relationship in mid-2023. Rumors started up, and not all of the facts could be verified. However, it seemed that he was a teacher, and had an ex-wife, and kids. By July, she had gone Instagram official.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram


Lindsie Chrisley and Trent went to Mexico which indicated it was serious. After all, she and Will Campbell had tied the knot there. As 2024 approached fans irritated the influencer a lot when they accused her of dropping just enough tea to tantalize them instead of just letting them know what was happening with her love life.


Trent Is Back?

On her The Southern Tea podcast on March 27, those who tuned in discovered that she was talking about relationships, friends, and betrayal. Once again, the DMs were mentioned, and she explained that she felt as if someone had died. Anyway, she started to play the “Kim Kardashian game” of texting and sleuthing. Additionally, she mentioned that she’s definitely “not pregnant.”

Trent With Lindsie Chrisley 2023 - Instagram


On Reddit, the subject of Lindsie Chrisley getting back with Trent arose because she mentioned him a lot. The OP said:

Lindsie and Trent…Who else feels like Trent is back? She mentioned him a million times on the most recent episode of tst.

Other Chrisley Knows Best fans agreed that she seemed to talk about Trent as if he was back with her. Here are some of their comments from the discussion:

Yeah she was talking about watching something on TV. And she said “the person I was watching it with last night, HE asked…” he’s definitely back.
I caught that too on coffee convos!
Initially I had the same thought. If I had to guess I bet they’ve been talking so now she’s wanting to rub it in the ex-wife’s/whoevers face.
I agree, he’s around close. She said she had so much going on in her personal life now in a recent podcast. If that’s what they both want, I hope they make it.
Notably, Lindsie Chrisley also talked about her ex, Will a lot. So some people think that she spoke about him, rather than about Trent. A member of the discussion wrote, “My money is on it being Will.”

Others said that they also thought about Will Campbell. A response to that comment wrote, “I thought that too until I listened to The Southern Tea and she made every topic circle back to Trent in some way.”


What are your thoughts about people suspecting that Lindsie Chrisley got back together with Trent? Do you think it’s possible? Or, was she talking about spending time with her son and Will? Sound off in the comments below, anmd come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.


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