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‘Gold Rush’ ‘Desperate Cry For Help’: Who Saves Tony’s Season?

‘Gold Rush’ ‘Desperate Cry For Help’: Who Saves Tony’s Season?

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Gold Rush star Tony Beets may be King Of The Klondike, but this season has been horrific for the seasoned gold miner. He is mining a fraction of what Parker Schnabel is mining. Moreover, the loss of his son Kevin has seemed to create an imbalance on the Beets team.

But, help is on the way. Who is coming to save Tony in the Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 14 “Desperate Cry For Help”?

Note that the Discovery synopsis has shared a major spoiler. Read on with caution.

Who Saves Tony’s Season In Gold Rush Episode ‘Desperate Call For Help’?

Gold Rush fans have been watching Tony Beets and his family struggle throughout Season 14. It all started with Kevin Beets deciding to take the season off to garden and hang out at home. Tony even asked Parker for help, but Schnabel refused. However, in the upcoming Season 14, Episode 14 entitled “Desperate Call For Help,” someone does come to the rescue to save Tony.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes synopsis, “Tony’s son Kevin returns to help save the family business. Parker scrambles to fix a burst dam and keep the big Dominion Creek gold weights going. Wildfires threaten to shut Rick Down before he can bring in his first Bench Cut gold.”

This is fantastic news for the Beets team! Mike and Monica have given it their all. But, they are struggling. In the previous episode “Parker Comes Alive,” Tony moved the whole operation to Paradise Hill. Yet, he could not keep his cool when his daughter Monica was not doing exactly what he wanted. This was a painful breakdown for Monica, and everyone watching the Discovery gold mining show.

Kevin Beets is confident and competent. Moreover, he has the full trust of his father. But, can he save this season?

Parker Schnabel Mining Nearly Five Times The Gold Tony Beets Is

Perhaps what is the most shocking revelation about this season of Gold Rush is to see Parker Schnabel’s totals are nearly five times that of Tony Beets’ totals. So far, Parker has weighed in 2,222.4 ounces of gold, at a value of $4.35 million. As for Tony, they have managed to scrape together 462.42 ounces at a value of $924,840.

But, this could quickly change. Parker’s burst dam issues could keep him off the gold and focused on rebuilding. Despite his big gamble, and constant fear of bankruptcy, the Schnabel crew has been consistent as always.

As for Rick Ness, he is dealing with some unforeseen circumstances. Like Parker, the obstacles facing the derailment of his season have nothing to do with his equipment or crew. Unfortunately, fires are a real issue that miners have to deal with.

Can these two miners find a way to overcome some of the worst challenges of this season?

Will Tony’s season be saved? Hopefully, the return of Kevin Beets will help turn around their dreadful season. Gold Rush fans, do you think Kevin is arriving in time to save the season? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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