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Kyle Chrisley Breaks Silence: Is He Still Chloe’s Dad?

Kyle Chrisley Breaks Silence: Is He Still Chloe’s Dad?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans have been begging Kyle Chrisley to speak out about his biological daughter, Chloe. During a Q&A session on his Instagram Stories, Todd Chrisley’s oldest son finally gave fans what they wanted. He broke his silence. And, he shared how Chloe Chrisley refers to him. More importantly, he also shared his feelings on the situation.

Kyle Chrisley Breaks Silence: Is He Still Chloe’s Dad?

Turns out, Chrisley Knows Best fans have been itching for Kyle Chrisley to do a Q&A session on his Instagram. He took to his Instagram Stories today to announce he had a little free time. And, he was happy to answer some questions. Unsurprisingly, many wanted to talk about Chloe. More specifically, fans wondered what Chloe called Kyle these days.


Kyle Chrisley shared an older photo of himself with his biological daughter. He explained that he was “just Kyle” to Chloe. He admits there was a very brief time in her life when she referred to him as her dad. She, however, is more comfortable calling him “just Kyle” these days” These days, she refers to Todd as her father.

There is no denying it makes some of the dynamics of the family a little confusing. For example, does this mean Chloe views Kyle as more of a big brother? But, Kyle wanted to make it clear that he was perfectly fine with the way things were. If he was “just Kyle” to Chloe, that was fine with him.

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Todd Is Legally Her Father

Legally, there really isn’t an issue of who is Chloe’s father. Todd and Julie went through the process of adopting Chloe. On paper, she is legally their daughter. This was something that was never really made clear to fans. It, however, did come out during their court trial that Chloe was legally their daughter. This information came out when rumors swirled Chloe’s biological mom was gearing up to fight Savannah for custody. Todd and Julie’s lawyer argued there was no fight to have as she had no legal grounds to stand on.


Presently, Chloe Chrisley is under the watchful eye of her big sister while her mother Julie, and her father Todd spend some time behind bars. The family fought for staggered sentences so Chloe would not lose both parents. The judge, however, was NOT willing to give special treatment just because they had children.

.Kyle Chrisley - Instagram Stories

How do you feel knowing he is “just Kyle” to his biological daughter? Do you think Chloe calling both him and Todd “dad” would have just been more confusing for her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley news and updates.



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