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Kyle Chrisley’s Ex Reveals Real Truth About Nanny Faye

Kyle Chrisley’s Ex Reveals Real Truth About Nanny Faye

Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife, Alexus Whilby, recently guest-starred on a YouTube channel managed by a woman named Dana Wilkey. During her appearance on the podcast, Kyle Chrisley’s ex spilled all sorts of tea on the family. Amid the conversation, Dana Wilkey admits she feels as though she’s been duped and cheated by the Chrisley family.

As the conversation progressed, Dana asked Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife if she had any tea to spill on Nanny Faye. Todd Chrisley’s mother, Nanny Faye, is perhaps the most beloved member of the family. But, what is she like in real life?

Alexus Whilby was more than happy to spill the truth on Nanny Faye.

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Kyle Chrisley’s Ex Reveals Real Truth About Nanny Faye

Dana Wilkey tells Kyle Chrisley’s ex that Nanny Faye is a fan favorite. Everyone loves her. But, what did Alexus Whilby think of Kyle Chrisley’s grandmother? What is Nanny Faye like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

Shockingly, Alexus Whilby had nothing but good things to say about Nanny Faye. She admitted that Nanny Faye is the same precious gem fans see on television in real life. Alexus Whilby says she feels bad for Nanny Faye. She believes she got a raw deal being part of such an evil family.

Alexus Whilby

Alexus Whilby adds that Nanny Faye is such a kind and giving person. She, however, also believed Nanny Faye is the reason Todd is so rotten. Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife clarified that Nanny Faye could never see the bad in her son. Because of the incredible person she was, she looked past all of Todd’s faults. So, the major issues in his personality were never corrected. And, Alexus Whilby believes that is a large part of why Todd is the way he is.

Where Is Todd’s Mother Right Now?

Unfortunately, Chrisley Knows Best fans have not had a recent update on Nanny Faye. While Chase did confirm she was cancer free, she hasn’t popped up on social media much these days. Nanny Faye was a guest star on Lindsie’s podcast a while back. During the podcast episode, it was revealed Nanny was living with Lindsie. Fans were a bit upset that Savannah and Chase seemingly cast Nanny aside with their parents behind bars.

Nanny Faye did make an appearance on Kyle Chrisley’s Instagram a while back. It appeared as if he was picking her up from some sort of meeting or appointment. Fans thought the video was adorable as Nanny Faye gave Kyle a hard time for picking her up in a giant truck.

Now, Savannah Chrisley did warn that ex-wives were looming with lies on her Instagram Stories a while back when she addressed rumors of a documentary. So, fans wonder if she was referring to Kyle’s ex-wife when she made that claim.

Does what Kyle’s ex-wife shared about Nanny Faye surprise you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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