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Savannah Chrisley Warns Disgusting Secrets Are Coming To Light

Savannah Chrisley Warns Disgusting Secrets Are Coming To Light

Savannah Chrisley sat down with her brother Chase during this week’s episode of her podcast. The siblings used the episode as an opportunity to share some updates with fans on how Todd and Julie Chrisley were doing. Sadly, Chase and Savannah didn’t have very happy updates for their listeners. In fact, things sound to be worse than ever for Todd and Julie as they are reportedly suffering the current heat wave with no air conditioning.

While her brother Chase Chrisley ranted and raved about how angry he was for the living situation of his parents, Savannah added a very ominous statement. She noted that “disgusting things” were going to come to light. It was not lost on her viewers that Savannah was warning the federal prison system the Chrisley family would not stop talking about how bad the living conditions are until something changes to improve them.

What exactly did Savannah say in her podcast about the disgusting things coming to light? Keep reading for the details or scroll down to watch the podcast.


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Savannah Chrisley Says Disgusting Things Are Coming To Light

During their conversation about the air conditioning situation, Chase Chrisley admits that the entire thing “p*sses him off.” He, however, added that he is leaning on his faith that the situation will sort itself out as things like this are brought to the public eye.

Savannah Chrisley agreed that a lot of “disgusting” things were going to be coming out.

There are some things that are gonna come to light that are disgusting. It will leave people speechless about the things that go on in these facilities, and I’m ready for that day to come, but it’ll happen in its own timing. It’s just crazy to sit and watch mom and dad go through that, but luckily they have the fight in them.”


Savannah and Chase both agree they can’t wait for the day that all of the dirty secrets behind federal prison walls come to light.

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Chrisley Knows Best Fans Criticize Savannah And Chase

Fans of the Chrisley family note that Chase and Savannah only have a vested interest in the poor living conditions in the federal facilities because that is where their parents are. These same fans argue that Savannah is trying to make it seem as if she wants to make big changes in how the system works. But, fans aren’t buying that her crusade for change will continue after her parents are back home. Fans who feel this way don’t want to praise Savannah too much for “doing a good thing” as they believe she’s just doing it out of convenience.

Watch Savannah Chrisley’s latest podcast episode in the video down below:

Do you think the Chrisley family will continue to fight for changes for the people behind bars? Or, will the fighting stop as soon as Todd and Julie are released from prison? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.



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